How I survived exam season…just.

I recently finished my time in Sixth Form and sat my A Levels in June and (I’m not going to sugar coat it) it was a bit of a nightmare! But now it is done I feel a sense of confidence and pride in myself which I never have before. I wanted to share a few of the things I found gave me a little push when I needed it the most, of course all of these things are personal to myself and my own experience and (thankfully) we are all so different!! Just make sure you’re doing what works best for you!

Set mini rewards.

Treating yourself for the work you put in is super important, without that sort of motivation I would have given up straight away. Rewards can come in all shapes and sizes and will change depending on what you love (and how much procrastination you’re trying to prevent).

It could anything from:

  • a cookie or chocolate bar that you know it in the kitchen cupboard
  • a 30 minute break to check Twitter and Instagram
  • a YouTube video that you added to your ‘watch later’ earlier that day

By doing this you will (hopefully) find a little motivation to push through! Even the most boring chapter is work it for a doughnut, right?

Take a break

If you’ve sat down and tried to study and you’re really not feeling it, just take a break! There is no point wasting an hour trying to revise if you haven’t learnt anything by the end of it. Use that hour to chill, watch TV; listen to some music and clear your mind so your next hours can be super productive! (yay)

We’re only human and we can’t work constantly so don’t beat yourself up about it but be responsible! Don’t take this as an excuse to slack of completely and don’t accidentally ‘take a break’ for the whole of exam season.

Take a drink

Everyone knows that drinking water is really important (even if it’s almost impossible to remember to do) keep hydrated and keep the mind fresh!

Another thing I found was that I really didn’t benefit from having a snack with me, maybe (definitely) it’s because I’m ridiculously greedy but I found food very distracting. This may be something just personal to me, but it could be worth keeping in mind.

Plan (but not too hard)

yes yes yes!!!! to ‘to do’ lists and timetables! They will save so much time when you come to revising, so as soon as you sit down you will know exactly what to do without wasting hours flicking through notes and text books. But don’t plan to the hour, you may find that one topic is far easier to revise that you expected (optimism), which means you may be able to get ahead of yourself and do some of tomorrows work too!

Also, definitely factor in time for break but don’t have set times for them, I found that once I was in the flow of revision I didn’t want to stop. Take a break when you feel like you need it rather than on a schedule.

Experiment with revision ideas

Don’t stick with the same method if it’s not working for you (even if everyone else loves it!). I spent ages making too many flashcards and then discovered that I’m definitely more of a mind map girl! Test them all out and whatever technique works for you, use it!!!

Try your best!

Honestly, A Levels were the only time in school that I felt I did my best and worked as hard as I could and that was a nice comfort for me. Granted, it won’t calm your nerves or reduce your stress but hopefully it will help regret in the long run, which is always a good thing! I know it’s ridiculously cliche but you can only do your best and that doesn’t always mean it’s the best, but that doesn’t matter!


I know it sounds impossible (and tbh it probably is) but try and have a positive mindset, exam season won’t last forever, even if it feels that way! It will be worth it in the end and you will beam with pride knowing that you gave it your all!!


All my love,

Lucy xo


My childhood dreams & do I still have them?

I recently had a thought about all the crazy things you dream to be and have as a child. The innocence and ignorance of real life meant you could inspiring outlook on life; without understanding the realism of actual life. I wish we could maintain that sense of peace in the world, letting our imagination show us our greatest desires. But, alas, here we are, with real people problems in the real people world.

I wanted to look back on those memories and consider if they are still with me, which dreams have stood the test of time?

1. Becoming a Vet.

I believe it is almost a universal law that every child has to want to be a vet at one point. As a child, the idea of spending your whole day with adorable animals and helping them get better was the most desirable job in the world.

Unfortunately, I got lazy and realised that wasn’t going to work out for me. I also got smart, not smart enough to get into a veterinary course, but smart enough to realise I never could. Maybe it was because I didn’t have enough natural intelligence, or maybe it was because I didn’t have enough motivation (probably both of those things and more) but all I know is that by Year 7, when school got tough, that dream was out the of the window in an instant.

I guess there are still aspects of that dream that I do still wish for! Spending my entire day with animals would make me very happy, I hope that a future with some pet dogs and ponies will substitute the sad death of my Veterinary career dreams.

2. Live in a different country.

‘different country’ is vague, i know. I have always imagined myself jetting off and setting up somewhere new. I never really looked into the logistics of it, especially avoiding the topic of my fear of flying, but the idea was always there. My dream destination changed so regularly I can hardly keep up with it, but here are a few I do remember:

  • Australia
  • Scotland (no flying! +1 to past me)
  • New Zealand
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Netherlands

I’m honestly unsure why I chose those locations, probably because they were pretty and I had seen them on TV, but nevertheless they still sound pretty cool! So, yes, I would still love to move somewhere new, a shake up of life would be incredible and it’s even better if I don’t have to catch a flight.

Don’t hold me to it, but I’m currently obsessing over Canada, it may have something to do with Justin Trudeau but I can’t be too sure… But really, the country looks beautiful and is very progressive in comparison with other countries and those are two big ticks on my list!

3. Being a Popstar.

Watching and listening to pop icons whilst I was younger really inspired me to want to perform. I was very lucky to catch the end of the Spice Girls reign whilst growing up, and their message of girl power was so important to me.  Am I vocally gifted? No, not really, but where’s the shame in trying?

Secretly, I would still love to perform, but sometimes you have to give yourself a reality check! I do still watch performers and think ‘I could do that’ or ‘damn, I would own that stage’, even ‘please, they have nothing on me’.

I was watching Eurovision recently and I spent ages picturing myself performing on stage. Imagine, Beyonce 2013 Superbowl style show (here’s the visuals: ) and I was so so proud of myself. I mentally gave myself a standing ovation because, honestly, I killed it!!! I know Graham Norton would have been so proud. 12 points to UK all round.

4. Having a family.

The idea of having my own family – a husband, children, pets – has always been a dream of mine. However as I have been becoming more and more aware of the truth in the real world and watching my friends get in and out of relationships, I’ve questioned the reality of long term, happy, relationships. Honestly, that makes me very sad, and I know that life long love is out there and there are millions of people living their happiest relationships which is amazing! I just know that I would definitely rather be single, than in a relationship with someone who lacks respect and appreciation for me.

Despite that, I would still love my own family, especially children. The image I have in my head of my future family (possibly in Canada, we can’t be too sure) is so beautiful, but I worry that it won’t materialise.

At the moment I just want a Basset Hound (rescue pup of course) and I will be happy as Larry!

Love Yourself.

Lucy xoxo

My first blog post.

Happy Saturday! This is my first blog post and it is very very exciting! Whilst I have so many ideas for posts, I thought I could start with a little information about myself (just to break the ice!).

My name is Lucy and I live in England, I am 17 years old and I am currently studying for my A Levels. I have a huge interest in makeup, my biggest influence in perusing makeup was Kylie Jenner. Despite the negativity from the press that surrounds her; I have always seen her as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her personal style in makeup allowed me to structure and create my own, which I am always grateful for. I continue to take inspiration from makeup artists on social media, their innovation and talent never ceases to amaze me; so I am always up for trying new styles and products to grow my own skill.

Music is something I carry with me throughout all situations in my life; it is something I know I can always rely on. Whilst my music taste is very broad, Beyonce and Pentatonix are two artists that strike my heart. I know that everyone adores Beyonce (of course! Who wouldn’t?) but the passion and meaning in her music is phenomenal; she is a true asset to all of our lives and I hope her impact to society is never forgotten. I am a huge activists for strong women, defying all the odds, and reaching their dreams.

I have a deep passion in the feminist movement, it is something that inspires me to be outstanding and guide young girls to reach their truest potential.


This image lit a particular spark in my heart, the independence and strength of young girls is truly inspirational. If our future lies in the hands of girls like her then we are very very lucky.

I can’t wait to begin my blogging journey and find out more about myself and the world as I go along.

Be happy. Love yourself.

Lucy xo