My first blog post.

Happy Saturday! This is my first blog post and it is very very exciting! Whilst I have so many ideas for posts, I thought I could start with a little information about myself (just to break the ice!).

My name is Lucy and I live in England, I am 17 years old and I am currently studying for my A Levels. I have a huge interest in makeup, my biggest influence in perusing makeup was Kylie Jenner. Despite the negativity from the press that surrounds her; I have always seen her as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her personal style in makeup allowed me to structure and create my own, which I am always grateful for. I continue to take inspiration from makeup artists on social media, their innovation and talent never ceases to amaze me; so I am always up for trying new styles and products to grow my own skill.

Music is something I carry with me throughout all situations in my life; it is something I know I can always rely on. Whilst my music taste is very broad, Beyonce and Pentatonix are two artists that strike my heart. I know that everyone adores Beyonce (of course! Who wouldn’t?) but the passion and meaning in her music is phenomenal; she is a true asset to all of our lives and I hope her impact to society is never forgotten. I am a huge activists for strong women, defying all the odds, and reaching their dreams.

I have a deep passion in the feminist movement, it is something that inspires me to be outstanding and guide young girls to reach their truest potential.


This image lit a particular spark in my heart, the independence and strength of young girls is truly inspirational. If our future lies in the hands of girls like her then we are very very lucky.

I can’t wait to begin my blogging journey and find out more about myself and the world as I go along.

Be happy. Love yourself.

Lucy xo


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